Lift the facial skin. Means to tighten a face in a home: the mask and contrast-washing

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Healthy lifestyle and skin service allows us to preserve your youth and nice, but there comes a time when a face requires careful service - otherwise it loses its elasticity and smoothness, fades, fades, her skin wrinkles and folds. Of course, in a big cities with the aggressive environment it happens much more frequently than in a quiet small town, and this has to be considered.

So could push aging facial skin, keep it healthy and recent, if she has to endure each day a impact of aggressive factors? Approximately women believe that the best technique is plastic surgery - same movie stars and show business.

I must say, however, that not all of the stars keep resorted to this drastic remedy: you understand that heartiness - this is most significant, and the focus is on well cosmetics, hardware cosmetology, massotherapy, etc. Incidentally, the food, some of them need be much tighter than we can imagine.

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Beautiful eyes. Healthy eyes - great vision. Eye structure

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Nice eyes truly is a gift of nature. You can keep them for years to come, and can ruin even in early adolescence. Beautiful, expressive eyes give the facial skin charm and appeal. Skin eyes reflect our inner world, nature, heartiness, and mood. Eye - an extremely sensitive and vulnerable body, they require especial care and permanent rest, particularly later the tight work...

Visual disturbances and how to prevent them. Damage to a skin eyes - a skin eyes and reading, TV and computer damage to the skin eyes

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Massage how preventing eye fatigue. Acupressure for a skin eyes

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Eye massage you may well be able to learn on the own and apply it at home for a prevention and treatment of diseases of a eye. A basic techniques of massotherapy and self-massotherapy skin eyes are stroking along a circular muscle, lung contusion and a mild pressure on a eyeballs in a configuration of vibration. Stroking a eyelid face tones, rubbing relieves muscle spasm, improves circulation and helps with kneading twitching eyelids...

Exercises for a skin eyes. Training for eyes (training view)

In addition to massotherapy for the skin eyes is presently widely used by a variety of exercises for prevention of visual disorders, and to restore lost vision. A most widely used practice of view, developed under a guidance of ES Avetisova. The technique involves three groups of exercises for the eyes. Read more -->

Contemporary tools and procedures for teeth whitening

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For the outside of contemporary man, his successful life and career of nice white teeth have become highly influential. After all, white teeth - is an prettily smile and self-confidence in all situations. That's why currently is how great, and various means of whitening teeth...

Whitening toothpastes: what are a costs and who do not whiten teeth

Today, white-toothed smile has get an integral part of a current nice. Make the teeth white can be at home using exceptional whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes are composed of many various components, and are divided into 2 large groups. So, there are those who do not whiten teeth...

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Lip Attention

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The lips were always mild, supple and sensual, not necessarily seek the help of experts and attend expensive great salons. You just require to thoroughly care about the lips. Systemic face maintenance lip may keep freshness and anatomy of the lips. Lip attention includes some standard procedures and takes only a some min a day.

Every day (first or evening) do massotherapy lips with a slightly damp toothbrush or soft corner with a wiper. Later the massotherapy, apply a nourishing fluid or vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn).

Chapped, cracked lips perfectly refreshes and hydrates a organic natural honey. Just do not lick it once, and hold on the lips at least 5-7 min.

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