Eye Upkeep. As to treat eye

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When men talk about the size of a nice, first of all pay striving to a skin eyes. In many ways, a great of the eye is determined not alone by the purity and brilliance, but as well the state of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelash density and length and contour of a eyebrows. However, a eyes - is extremely sensitive and vulnerable aging body, they need special leaving and forever rest, specifically following a firmly work...

Eye color and character. Determining the nature of the color of the eyes

How to determine a character of a person by the color of the eye? It turns out that just by looking into a eyes, It is possible to learn a lot approximately him. Thus, owners of green skin eyes usually stubborn, persistent, principled. And the owners of blue skin eyes romantic and dreamy, vulnerable and sensitive. Read more -->

Facial skin cover of blue clay

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TWO soup spoon of blue (blue) clay, throw in a mineral h2o or watter leaves, as to get a consistency of thick cream. Throw in a mixing to 1 teaspoon of grapefruit extract. Highly good mix up, crush all lumps. A mask is applied with a thick layer on polish face except for the eye area. Keep the mask want not exceed Fifteen minutes. Rinse off the cover to soft aqua.

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Tools deep facial skin tightening

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In contrast to the existing surface, means a effect of deep suspenders do improve a condition of the facial skin, rejuvenate and refresh it. In this case, the impact is much deeper - items cosmetics penetrate the skin and improve the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans - substances that are involved in a regeneration and a "glue" connective tissue fibers.

Complexion of the using these items to really improve, and a face tightens and becomes more elastic, but it is not so fast so in the case of surface lifting.

The course of such cosmetics may vary with several months to a year - depending on the condition of a skin, but then accumulate in the facial skin of biologically effective substances, and it "remembers" how fine to be beautiful and healthy.

Home remedies for skin tightening

Besides creams, gels, serums, toners and lotions are very effectual at face lifting cover for facial skin and neck skin, including nutritional and cleansing. Good mask with therapeutic mud: cleansing a face, you improve metabolism and blood circulation, which helps to speed up a regeneration of cells. Masks want be done at least 2-3 times a week to have a stable result.

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Lip care. Lip care products. Problems and illnesses lips

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Lip leaving - an momentous component of a overall upkeep of the face and body. Lips is the most prettily part of the female body for men, and why be lips should accordingly. Problems and illnesses lips are common, however that treatment of disease states quite clearly in each case...

How to do great lips: a secret seductive lips

Many men 1st draw striving on the young girl's lips, and thus, you want be expressive, delicate and attractive. Lips should attract the eye without words, mesmerizing men. A secret to fine lips seductively - in a proper care of them. To make a lips more expressive, we...

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams

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Lack of water in a aging body ages the face, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. So of the cleaning a skin to moisturize. There are especial moisturizers, skin covering an invisible protective layer. The basic purpose of a day cream - moisturizing a skin and keeping the evaporation of its own moisture...

Pick up upkeep of skin in winter: accurately Carefully wash, opt a means to upkeep and salon treatment

Our face, adapting to different weather conditions, changes its main affinity. With cold-blooded weather and declining daylight reduces a production of sebum. Combination facial skin is moderately oily, normal close to dry, very dry becomes very dry and sensitive. Read more -->

Sensitive face facial skin: causes and treatment. Covers and lotions for sensitive face: Home Remedies

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Sensitive face - this is not a type, how many men think. The face is sensitive not just - it depends on your overall soundness, and a impact of various negative factors, which in our your is more than enough - even list is not necessary. Of course, one reason is improper cosmetics and procedures, or excessive apply them.

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