However to visually hide masks and skin care imperfections - or his own do-up artist

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No women with perfectly shaped face, smooth facial skin without the flaws. As, if you know as to do makeup meticulously, correct and correct irregularities, you can accomplish polish placement form, polish silky skin and alluring be. Not necessarily be a good create-up artist to create the face more prettily by current cosmetics. Some tricks and professional approach - and your facial skin is same a cover of a fashion magazine. Especial treatment method and performance make-up will help you create a beautiful makeup and fashion, and his skin gentle, polish and magnetically...

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Lip attention. Lip attention products. Problems and illnesses lips

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Lip upkeep - an great component of a overall care of the face and body. Lips is the most prettily part of the female aging body for men, and therefore be lips should accordingly. Problems and illnesses lips are common, as that therapy of disease states quite clearly in any case...

So to make fine lips: a secret seductive lips

A lot of men first draw attention on a girl's lips, and thus, you should be expressive, delicate and lovely. Lips want attract the eye without words, mesmerizing men. A secret to fine lips seductively - in a proper care of them. To do your lips more expressive, we...

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Cleansing a skin with olive butter

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The 1-st item to learn - to clean a facial skin with olive oil. A simplest scrub: wheat bran (TWO soup spoon) and a like amount of butter to blend, knead the face and neck skin for 1-TWO min, then bath with soft water.

Cleansing natural milk for cooking claim a glass of natural milk, cucumber, olive butter (1 teaspoonful) and a essence butter that suits you (1-TWO drops). Cucumber rub on a little grater, pour lukewarm natural milk and insist a cover in an hour. Then filter, throw in butter - olive and essential, blend and apply - so a lightness night serum, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Milk can be stored in a refrigerator for TWO-3 hours.

Cover with olive oil

Skin masks with olive butter you can do with the skin type.

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Tools good lifting surface of the facial skin

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Very frequently women are as-called means of lifting surface, forming a thin film on a facial skin. Thus, the facial skin is stretched, and a anatomy of a face is aligned - for a short time. Such funds are called cosmetic manufacturers with an immediate effect, and for a while they do the face younger and more great, you are convenient to apply so a rapid means - for example, when you keep to attend approximately important case or soiree.

This film may stay a day or several hours, so washed off with make-up - it is clear that this is more masking a problem than a solution.

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Lip Gloss. However to pick the right lipstick and gloss

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Why lip gloss is how popular? He does lips more volume, and it allows them to look organic, and helps disguise a older ladies appearing on a lips of beautiful skin wrinkles. Lip gloss is sold in packs of 3 types, depending on the type of cosmetic. However to choose a lip gloss?

A anti-herpes: Zovirax and Fenistil. So to avoid the aggravation of herpes

Among the a lot of facilities offered by current medicine for the treatment of herpes, highlighted preparations containing acyclovir. He is a basic active antiviral agent Zovirax cream. Cope with herpes helps any antivirus - penciclovir on which a medicine is produced Fenistil Pentsivir...

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Facial skin Care around the eyes. Compresses for tired eyes

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ADVANCED Skin - technology for facial skin upkeep. Improved formula of this item combines 2 neuropeptide that relax the facial muscles, which results in a reduction of skin wrinkles.

Included how part of a tool Biopeptides, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin, minerals, and microencapsulation technology these ingredients do this an active item in a fight against a lot of of a hallmarks of aging.

86% of women reported a significant improvement in facial skin.

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