Items to improve the complexion OLAY

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For example, the company is OLAY cloth mask with effectual anti-aging ingredients: a complex of antioxidants, green watter, and proprietary complexes - moisturizing and rejuvenating. Mask components improve face texture, eliminate dullness, give it a good, shine and return even tone. The structure of the tissue covers are so resilient, it's easy, strongly and fits closely to a entire skin, fully taking its contour, however when using this cover does not need to lie or sit - It is possible to run freely. Seal 'tween a cover allows a active ingredients to penetrate deep into a layers of the skin, and provides visible results later the first application.

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Items to improve the complexion Chanel

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Fluid Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Maximum Radiance Comfort Cream - comfort, designed specifically for dull, very dry skin. It contains juice of shiitake, penetrating into a skin and works from the inside. A formula works on micro, smoothes and moisturizes a skin, allowing it to good reflect a light. Complexion improves and a skin gradually returns shine, but to apply this cream to a some weeks to have a stable effect.

Exfoliating Gel Chanel Gommage Microperle Eclat as well improves a complexion, removing dead skin cells lining the relief and restoring dull facial skin a smooth, healthy color. A structure consists of creamy gel microparticles jojoba pollen pearls, grown in vitro, however well however plant extracts, giving a face a healthy and recent. Use this gel 2-3 minutes a 7 days.

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Eye Leaving

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Home remedies for bruises and circles under a eyes


So, there are home remedies that will help restore a healthy tone and color sensitive face under a skin eyes. For example, have rid of the circles under her eyes and bruises will compress with the compote of sage. Earlier going to bed do 1 teaspoonful in 100 ml of boiling water and close a vial for 15 minutes. One part of the cool down in a fridge, and a other slightly warm. Then soak in a heated compote of 2 little pieces of cotton wool and place them on closed eyes. After 10 minutes, do get a cold-blooded compress. Read more -->

Herpes. Infection with the herpes virus. However to get rid of cold sores

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Herpes is a extremely common disease of modern man. His agent - herpes simplex virus. Is divided into 3 types of herpes. The herpes virus is transmitted primarily by contact. It is possible to get infected with herpes with a patient who has a coldness sore on the epithelium of a mucous membranes. Herpes viruses are actively...

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams

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Lack of water in a aging body ages the facial skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. How following cleaning the skin to moisturize. There are special moisturizers, face covering an invisible protective layer. The general purpose of daily cream - moisturizing the face and keeping a evaporation of its own moisture...

Put service of face in winter: accurately wash, select the means to service and salon medication

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