Care of a neck: covers and peels for the neck skin


Weekly create a mask for a neck skin and peeling. Use a scrub and mask is in the evening, following you get processed a skin tonic. Flushing mask or scrub, wipe again with a neck tonic to restore a normal pH of a skin, impaired when washing. Again, apply the cream. How however not to stretch the facial skin, doing all these procedures should be directed to a touch with the neck skin to a side of it. Requires a same service and decollete.

The 1-st exercise

Pull her lips and tightly articulating, say the three letters - "O-U-I." This exercise strengthens the wide neck skin.

The second exercise - "Mirror"

Sit in front of a mirror, put a hands of one hand just below the collarbone, his other hand - on the chin.

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Facelift at home


As we strive to tell a some approximately so It is possible to tighten skin without surgery, and without expensive beauty salons, caring for themselves at home.

A only condition required for home treatments are efficient - it regularly. If you Think about that you possess no time for systemic procedures, not worth a start - the effect will be temporary, and you will alone get frustrated.

Of course, homemade facial skin tightening can not always help: for example, if you enjoy sagging facial skin on the neck, and a wrinkles are extremely deep, a salon or clinic will still possess to use. But that's beginning to correct the deformation of face care contours, improve face tone, restore elasticity and remove skin wrinkles - such problems may be successfully run at home.

Means facelift

A easiest way to use home purchase makeup, and now the range of such cosmetics is huge. How, a selection of such means must be taken very seriously, however every person is variant. It is necessary to take into account a facial skin type, age, particularly soundness and more.

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Oils for facial skin elasticity


One of these oils - Kockum Oil Garcinia Indian. This is a solid oil extracted with the seeds of the apples of the tree growing in the south-west of India, cold-pressed technique, it softens the skin, stimulates cell renewal and protects against dryness, improves its elasticity. Part of the butter used in medicine Garcinia mixtures in the medication of peeling, cracks and sores.

Rice - known culture in our country, but that rice bran butter is used in cosmetics, few know. Get this rice bran butter, it softens, moisturizes, prevents early wrinkles, has a regenerating capacity, and is specifically recommended for women aged 50 years and older. It includes squalene, is required for ordinary metabolism in a skin, it absorbs speedily and does not close a pores. It is possible to use it to care for beautiful babies and the skin as a sunscreen.

Borage butter, as well known however borage butter or borage is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and your concentration is highly big.

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Masks with olive oil for dry skin


Cover with olive butter and beans - nourishing and whitening: white beans (5-6 grains) to seethe, mash with a spoon, throw in a grapefruit nectar and olive butter (1 teaspoon) and stir for 20 min to put on the face. Rinse off with warm water.

Mask with olive oil and onions: a little crude onion baked in a oven, peel and mash into pulp, add to honey and butter (1 tsp), mix up and apply, as in the previous recipe. Even highly dry skin returns to rule.

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Sensitive face care facial skin: causes and therapy. Masks and lotions for sensitive facial skin: Home Remedies


Sensitive face - this is not a type, how many men Think about it. A skin is sensitive not just - it depends on your overall heartiness, and a impact of different negative factors, which in our life is more than enough - even list is not indispensable. Of course, one cause is improper cosmetics and procedures, or excessive apply them.

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