Causes of sensitive facial skin


It is still possible to list a chief reasons why a skin becomes sensitive.

Improper service may frazzle the facial skin, and it becomes too sensitive. This can occur with the use of small-grade cosmetics, which includes mineral butter, petroleum products, or failure to use protective serum. Skin can not tolerate such treatment indefinitely - destroy lipid layer of the protective function.

Occasionally there is a skin, which is called unstable, it may be in a period of extraordinary sensitivity, then again back to normal. These periods can finish up to 2 years, and most ofttimes associated with stress, which is going through your body - disease, trauma, therapy with antibiotics, severe fatigue, etc.

Sensitive facial skin may be of a type, after infectious, gastrointestinal, face, and endocrine diseases, or due to allergies. In this case, so rightly, and in many others, restore facial skin lustiness can alone solve all well-being problems - or do not help by the means.

Maybe however that a facial skin is prone to sensitivity of birth: it is thin and dry, it contains much some fat, and a horny layer is thin and protective pigment produced extremely small.

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Herpes. Infection with the herpes virus. How to have rid of coldness sores


Herpes is a much common disease of current man. His agent - herpes simplex virus. Is divided into three types of herpes. The herpes virus is transmitted primarily by contact. You can become infected with herpes with a patient who has a cold sore on a epithelium of a mucous membranes. Herpes viruses are actively...

So and what to choose lipstick: opt a color and learn the correct lipstick

What most men pay striving when they see a pretty woman? Ironically, on her lips.

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Care of a neck: covers and peels for the neck skin


Weekly create a mask for a neck skin and peeling. Use a scrub and mask is in the evening, following you get processed a skin tonic. Flushing mask or scrub, wipe again with a neck tonic to restore a normal pH of a skin, impaired when washing. Again, apply the cream. How however not to stretch the facial skin, doing all these procedures should be directed to a touch with the neck skin to a side of it. Requires a same service and decollete.

The 1-st exercise

Pull her lips and tightly articulating, say the three letters - "O-U-I." This exercise strengthens the wide neck skin.

The second exercise - "Mirror"

Sit in front of a mirror, put a hands of one hand just below the collarbone, his other hand - on the chin.

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Lip Gloss. However to pick the right lipstick and gloss


Why lip gloss is how popular? He does lips more volume, and it allows them to look organic, and helps disguise a older ladies appearing on a lips of beautiful skin wrinkles. Lip gloss is sold in packs of 3 types, depending on the type of cosmetic. However to choose a lip gloss?

A anti-herpes: Zovirax and Fenistil. So to avoid the aggravation of herpes

Among the a lot of facilities offered by current medicine for the treatment of herpes, highlighted preparations containing acyclovir. He is a basic active antiviral agent Zovirax cream. Cope with herpes helps any antivirus - penciclovir on which a medicine is produced Fenistil Pentsivir...

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Facial skin Care around the eyes. Compresses for tired eyes


ADVANCED Skin - technology for facial skin upkeep. Improved formula of this item combines 2 neuropeptide that relax the facial muscles, which results in a reduction of skin wrinkles.

Included how part of a tool Biopeptides, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin, minerals, and microencapsulation technology these ingredients do this an active item in a fight against a lot of of a hallmarks of aging.

86% of women reported a significant improvement in facial skin.

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Facelift at home


As we strive to tell a some approximately so It is possible to tighten skin without surgery, and without expensive beauty salons, caring for themselves at home.

A only condition required for home treatments are efficient - it regularly. If you Think about that you possess no time for systemic procedures, not worth a start - the effect will be temporary, and you will alone get frustrated.

Of course, homemade facial skin tightening can not always help: for example, if you enjoy sagging facial skin on the neck, and a wrinkles are extremely deep, a salon or clinic will still possess to use. But that's beginning to correct the deformation of face care contours, improve face tone, restore elasticity and remove skin wrinkles - such problems may be successfully run at home.

Means facelift

A easiest way to use home purchase makeup, and now the range of such cosmetics is huge. How, a selection of such means must be taken very seriously, however every person is variant. It is necessary to take into account a facial skin type, age, particularly soundness and more.

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Items to improve a complexion Chanel


Fluid Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Maximum Radiance Comfort Serum - comfort, designed specifically for dull, very dry face. It contains extract of shiitake, penetrating into the face and works from a inside. A formula works on micro, smoothes and moisturizes a skin, allowing it to consummate reflect the light. Complexion improves and a skin gradually returns shine, but to use this serum to a some weeks to get a stable effect.

Exfoliating Gel Chanel Gommage Microperle Eclat also improves the complexion, removing dead skin cells lining the relief and restoring dull skin a polish, healthy color. A structure consists of creamy gel microparticles jojoba pollen pearls, grown in vitro, however right how plant extracts, giving a skin a healthy and good. Apply this gel TWO-3 times a week.

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