Skin Maintenance. Masks fall, winter, summer and source. Care about dry, very dry, normal and combination skin


Face maintenance after 40. Personal leaving in 45 years: the rules

In his youth, it seems that thirty, forty, fifty years, all a more so incredibly far away that may be, and will not come at all. But there comes a time when we are 40. Age-related changes occur not only within, but also in exterior. How do I care for them after 40 years, to be nice and beautiful?...

Whitening skin. Color of face.

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Herpes. Infection with a herpes virus. However to have rid of cold sores


Herpes is a highly common disease of current man. His agent - herpes simplex virus. Is divided into 3 types of herpes. A herpes virus is transmitted primarily by contact. It is possible to get infected with herpes from a patient who has a cold sore on a epithelium of the mucous membranes. Herpes viruses are actively...

How and what to take lipstick: choose the color and learn the correct lipstick

What most men pay efforts when they see a pretty young girl? Ironically, on her lips.

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Darsonval for skin tone


Help restore aging facial skin tone can not alone with makeup, but using a procedure darsonvalization. A device, called d'Arsonval - on behalf of its creator, a French scientist, works on the facial skin by big frequency - is easy to do at home. The device is easy to buy, and as well it is not too expensive - some 2, 000 to 3, 000 rubles, but will work for a long time, allowing maintain facial skin elasticity and prevent a appearance of new wrinkles. Darsonval as well helps get rid of acne, restores a skin ability to retain moisture, and when exposed to a scalp stops thin hair loss.

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What is valuable and what is harmful to the lips


You want not bite a lips, how it leads to microscopic cracks, which may penetrate done the harmful microorganisms, which in turn may lead to inflammation of the lips.

No should to lick your lips to moisten them, these lips may alone do harm - you will start to peel off and crack.

Our lips will love a gentle massotherapy with a toothbrush (soft - mild), it improves blood circulation and helps the face to get rid of dead face lip scales.

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Masks for sensitive skin


Peeling skin will soften a cover of boiled potatoes. It should be boiled in your skins small murphy, peeled and crushed. When a potatoes will be slightly soft, it need be imposed on a person for 15 minutes so wash off - all much simple. It is possible to append to this the potatoes 1 tbsp milk and 1 teaspoonful olive oil - this cover will be more nutritious, and do the skin gentle. Mashed potatoes may be mixed with raw fresh egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and egg yolk - this mask rightly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Some gerls can not wash with soap and water - their skin is how sensitive, and even sparing the foams and gels can cause irritation. In such cases, can help potatoes paste, added to water for washing.

Potato starch (1 teaspoon) want stir in clean coldness h2o (1 soup spoon) for however long as a homogeneous mixing.

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Therapeutic clay for the face.

Affinity of clay


What substances are not alone found in cosmetics a second life! Honey, natural milk, aloe, paraffin, various fruits and raw vegetables, and clay is not an exception. Babbitt sees clay however a construction material or so substance for a manufacture of delicate porcelain. Sculptor, for example, may address this issue more creatively. Clay for it is the ideal tool for a realization of his creative ideas and artistic ideas. In the cosmetic industry so clay - a material for skin recovery, medication and give it elasticity, unique evolution substance for the "creation of beauty."

The action of the clay due to a great extent its mineral composition. In approximately types of clay dominated silicon, in others - aluminum, in the third - manganese.

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Eye Attention. How to treat eye


When people talk about a great, 1-st of all pay note to a eyes. In many ways, the beauty of a eye is determined not only by their purity and brilliance, but as well the state of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelash density and length and shape of a eyebrows. How, a eyes - is extremely sensitive and vulnerable aging body, they need special service and weekly rest, particularly after a strongly work...

Eye color and character. Determining a nature of the color of the skin eyes

As to determine a character of a person by a color of a eye? It turns out that just by looking into the skin eyes, you can learn a lot about him. Thus, owners of green skin eyes normally stubborn, persistent, principled. And the owners of blue eyes romantic and dreamy, vulnerable and sensitive.

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