Covers for sensitive skin


It is good to prepare covers of the simplest products. For example, a cover of serum, milk, cucumber soothe a skin, moisturizing, softening and nourishing it. The skin care skin lightening, and redness and irritation disappear.

Can be imposed on a person for Fifteen minutes of grated cucumber mush, or just a cucumber, thinly sliced??- however appropriate. Cheese can be rubbed with a spoonful and put on a facial skin and you can combine it with milk 1:1. Helf mask is obtained from a mixing of all these items. Dumplings (1 tbsp) ground with milk (2 tbsp.) and cucumber porridge (1 soup spoon), and a mix is used to a skin for 15-20 min.

Sensitive skin similar a mask of cream, natural milk, carrots and bananas.

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Dental jewelery. Decoration teeth diamonds, crystals and Twinkle


Tartar is dental plaque, which is formed from the remnants of food, epithelium, bacteria, and other items of the oral fluent. Tartar can appear on a gums and under them. Plaque - is gentle and sticky deposits. You accumulate on a teeth, fillings, crowns, dentures, and even on the gums and tongue...

Tartar and plaque: causes and prevention. Dental leaving

Tartar is dental plaque, which is formed with a remnants of fresh food, epithelium, bacteria, and other elements of the oral fluid. Tartar may appear on a gums and under them.

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Tools good lifting surface of the skin


Very often women are so-called means of good lifting surface, forming a thin film on a skin. Thus, the skin is stretched, and the anatomy of the skin is aligned - for a short time. Such funds are called cosmetic manufacturers with an immediate effect, and for a while you make the facial skin younger and more beautiful, they are convenient to use however a rapid means - for example, when you keep to attend approximately influential case or soiree.

This film may stay per day or several hours, so water-washed off with make-up - it is clear that this is more masking a question than the solution.

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How to remove the shine of a facial skin. Masks against shine


A lot of of you should have faced the question of combination skin. Shiny chin and forehead, little pleasant, moreover, people with this type of skin, a most susceptible to disease Acne (acne). In this article, we describe How to take care for oily facial skin, however to remove the shine and give examples of masks against a greasy...

Skin upkeep in summer!

Summer is in full swing. The sun's rays and a maximum force rid of clothes. Besides soon leave - when else swim-tan plenty? Just the item: not ever, our skin is ready to withstand irrepressible impulses to fine and fashion - and soon a contact with it as if scalded with boiling h2o, because of a dryness and irritation. As not to allow such a catastrophic situation?

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Clay Covers for face


A facial skin cover on a clay-based are extremely useful for combination skin, however it absorbs excess oil and dirt that collects on a surface, and make a face more polish and recent. This is a fine tool narrows a pores, removes unhealthy lightness skin and clears the pesky pimples. Skin masks of clay dry for 5-Fifteen minutes, then ablution off the cover with warm aqua, which also carries away a dead skin cells and grime.

Before applying a mask of clay to accomplish a greater effect well remove makeup, cleanse and moisten it with water.

However already mentioned, the healing affinity of clay and color determines its mineral composition. In cosmetology maximum use is made of white and blue clay.

The biggest problem in the apply of clay - it checks for radioactive substances and heavy metals. Clay for cosmetic purposes are trying to produce in environmentally friendly areas. Russian experts are more inclined to trust a white clay that is produced mainly in China, because it is comfortably proven over many years.

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Lip Attention


A lips were always soft, supple and sensual, not necessarily seek a help of experts and attend expensive fine salons. You just want to thoroughly care about the lips. Regular skin attention lip can keep freshness and contour of a lips. Lip maintenance includes several standard procedures and takes only a any minutes a day.

Every time (first or evening) do massage lips with a slightly damp toothbrush or gentle corner with a jack-towel. Later a massotherapy, use a nourishing fluid or vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn).

Chapped, cracked lips perfectly refreshes and hydrates a natural natural honey. Just do not lick it once, and hold on a lips at least 5-7 min.

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Olive butter


Properties of olive butter called magic - and magically you are not alone recipes, but as well in a composition of cosmetic products. For thousands of years the olive oil is used to preserve a soundness and fine of skin, hair and nails - and all thanks to his wealth of composition.

Olive butter is ideal formula: easily cleavable, unsaturated fat in it lots, and rich, solid, extremely small. Vitamins in it are the ones who wish our skin - A, E and D, but a especial role related substances.

Most of the olive oil compounds containing phosphorus - phosphatides and phospholipids. Phosphatides contain a lot of sugars and keep a water in a oil, phospholipids are needed to build cell membranes and are actively involved in metabolic processes.

Carotenoids, tocopherols and sterols are the basis of the fraction of unsaponifiable substances with soothing, rejuvenating and soothing affinity. For aging facial skin, these substances are essential - you start regeneration and promote collagen production.

A fatty acid composition of olive oil is rich and variant: there are a lot of oleic acid - up to 80%, there is also a linoleic, palmitic and stearic acid - with 3 to 15%, and recent advances in science possess revealed a lot of other unique fatty acids. The fatty acid composition of a oil may be changed, and is strong enough - it depends on a climate in which olive trees.

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