Items to improve the complexion Vichy Oligo 25


Vichy company offers a series of products that will improve complexion - Oligo 25. Improve complexion begins with satisfying washing: Oligo 25 foam is suitable for all facial skin types, including the sensitive - it can be used part of a carefully. Later cleansing the skin is sweet and stays healthy.

Moisturizer Vichy Oligo 25 company offers separately for various face types. This serum improves complexion thanks to a effectual component, restoring the microcirculation in a skin.

Recommended for non-uniform and dull complexion, and when a facial skin looks tired. Of the applying the face has a lightness pinkish hue becomes more healthy and good.

There are also tinted emulsion Oligo 25, with light reflecting particles. In addition, it gives a skin a glow and an lovely color, it also moisturizes and as well improves.

The structure of almost all means to improve a complexion series Oligo 25 is manganese gluconate, activates microcirculation and supporting vascular tone, honey, glycerin; polifruktol - gently exfoliates and renews a cells, after which a face becomes smooth and gentle.

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Beautiful eyes. Healthy eyes - great vision. Eye structure


Nice eyes truly is a gift of nature. You can keep them for years to come, and can ruin even in early adolescence. Beautiful, expressive eyes give the facial skin charm and appeal. Skin eyes reflect our inner world, nature, heartiness, and mood. Eye - an extremely sensitive and vulnerable body, they require especial care and permanent rest, particularly later the tight work...

Visual disturbances and how to prevent them. Damage to a skin eyes - a skin eyes and reading, TV and computer damage to the skin eyes

Visual disturbances - a frequent phenomenon in a contemporary your of almost every person.

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Massage how preventing eye fatigue. Acupressure for a skin eyes


Eye massage you may well be able to learn on the own and apply it at home for a prevention and treatment of diseases of a eye. A basic techniques of massotherapy and self-massotherapy skin eyes are stroking along a circular muscle, lung contusion and a mild pressure on a eyeballs in a configuration of vibration. Stroking a eyelid face tones, rubbing relieves muscle spasm, improves circulation and helps with kneading twitching eyelids...

Exercises for a skin eyes. Training for eyes (training view)

In addition to massotherapy for the skin eyes is presently widely used by a variety of exercises for prevention of visual disorders, and to restore lost vision. A most widely used practice of view, developed under a guidance of ES Avetisova. The technique involves three groups of exercises for the eyes.

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Contemporary tools and procedures for teeth whitening


For the outside of contemporary man, his successful life and career of nice white teeth have become highly influential. After all, white teeth - is an prettily smile and self-confidence in all situations. That's why currently is how great, and various means of whitening teeth...

Whitening toothpastes: what are a costs and who do not whiten teeth

Today, white-toothed smile has get an integral part of a current nice. Make the teeth white can be at home using exceptional whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes are composed of many various components, and are divided into 2 large groups. So, there are those who do not whiten teeth...

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Herpes. Infection with the herpes virus. However to get rid of cold sores


Herpes is a extremely common disease of modern man. His agent - herpes simplex virus. Is divided into 3 types of herpes. The herpes virus is transmitted primarily by contact. It is possible to get infected with herpes with a patient who has a coldness sore on the epithelium of a mucous membranes. Herpes viruses are actively...

However and what to select lipstick: take the color and learn a correct lipstick

What most men pay note when you see a pretty woman 18 years old? Ironically, on her lips.

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams


Lack of water in a aging body ages the facial skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. How following cleaning the skin to moisturize. There are special moisturizers, face covering an invisible protective layer. The general purpose of daily cream - moisturizing the face and keeping a evaporation of its own moisture...

Put service of face in winter: accurately wash, select the means to service and salon medication

Our facial skin, adapting to variant weather conditions, changes its basic properties. With coldness weather and shrinking daylight reduces the production of sebum. Female skin is moderately any, normal close to dry, dry becomes much very dry and sensitive.

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Face covers of white clay


Do a decoction of chamomile and dilute it 1:1 clay in a porcelain or glass container that it has acquired the consistency of thick serum. The mask need apply a thin layer on polish facial skin. Rub it with a wet finger for about 3 minutes. Wash out off of the Fifteen minutes with warm h2o.

Blue clay. Properties of blue clay. Therapeutic clay

Face masks of blue clay

Blue clay is mined in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, and much of powderise with a pH 7.3.

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