Olive butter for face


Olive butter is excellent moisturizing and nourishing the face, preventing it with fading: vitamin E, which it very much, protects the skin from free radicals and delays the exterior of wrinkles. Vitamins A and D help the facial skin renewal and carotene protects it with a scorching sun.

To clean out the facial skin with olive oil, it is necessary to moisten a cotton ball with hot water, squeeze it, put a some butter and clean the skin by massaging gently. Similarly, It is possible to remove the makeup.

The butter dissolves grease and dirt, however do not be frightened that it will clog pores or cause the formation of pimples, blackheads and pimples. All of these face problems are due to a effects of disease-causing bacteria, hormonal disorders, layers of dead cells, and a lot of other negative factors, and virgin olive oil reduces this effect.

For home skin care olive oil is suitable, similar no other: it is easy to buy and upkeep it may be used not only for a face, but a hair and a nails, and use it inside - both in pure shape and in the dishes.

1st you possess to learn to choose a present olive butter - and it is not cheap. If oil is big grade, it may be green or pale yellow-green in color, with the smell of artichokes or lightness fruity (grassy) hue and taste of good olives in it ever felt.

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