Beautiful eyes. Healthy eyes - great vision. Eye structure


Nice eyes truly is a gift of nature. You can keep them for years to come, and can ruin even in early adolescence. Beautiful, expressive eyes give the facial skin charm and appeal. Skin eyes reflect our inner world, nature, heartiness, and mood. Eye - an extremely sensitive and vulnerable body, they require especial care and permanent rest, particularly later the tight work...

Visual disturbances and how to prevent them. Damage to a skin eyes - a skin eyes and reading, TV and computer damage to the skin eyes

Visual disturbances - a frequent phenomenon in a contemporary your of almost every person. Visual disturbances occur when reading, watching TV, using a computer, etc. Less to injure your eyes require to know the general factors of fatigue a eye, the rules of reading, watching television, using the computer, what child of exercise can help cut fatigue and eye strain...

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