Lift the facial skin. Means to tighten a face in a home: the mask and contrast-washing


Healthy lifestyle and skin service allows us to preserve your youth and nice, but there comes a time when a face requires careful service - otherwise it loses its elasticity and smoothness, fades, fades, her skin wrinkles and folds. Of course, in a big cities with the aggressive environment it happens much more frequently than in a quiet small town, and this has to be considered.

So could push aging facial skin, keep it healthy and recent, if she has to endure each day a impact of aggressive factors? Approximately women believe that the best technique is plastic surgery - same movie stars and show business.

I must say, however, that not all of the stars keep resorted to this drastic remedy: you understand that heartiness - this is most significant, and the focus is on well cosmetics, hardware cosmetology, massotherapy, etc. Incidentally, the food, some of them need be much tighter than we can imagine.

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  • Oils for facial skin elasticity
  • White clay. Affinity of white clay
  • Oils for facial skin elasticity
  • Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams
  • Masks with olive oil for dry skin
  • Tools good lifting surface of the skin
  • Leaving of the neck - Nutritional mask at home. Neck skin massotherapy
  • Facial skin Care around the eyes. Compresses for tired eyes
  • Skin cover of blue clay
  • Beautiful eyes. Healthy eyes - great vision. Eye structure
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