Items to improve the complexion Vichy Oligo 25


Vichy company offers a series of products that will improve complexion - Oligo 25. Improve complexion begins with satisfying washing: Oligo 25 foam is suitable for all facial skin types, including the sensitive - it can be used part of a carefully. Later cleansing the skin is sweet and stays healthy.

Moisturizer Vichy Oligo 25 company offers separately for various face types. This serum improves complexion thanks to a effectual component, restoring the microcirculation in a skin.

Recommended for non-uniform and dull complexion, and when a facial skin looks tired. Of the applying the face has a lightness pinkish hue becomes more healthy and good.

There are also tinted emulsion Oligo 25, with light reflecting particles. In addition, it gives a skin a glow and an lovely color, it also moisturizes and as well improves.

The structure of almost all means to improve a complexion series Oligo 25 is manganese gluconate, activates microcirculation and supporting vascular tone, honey, glycerin; polifruktol - gently exfoliates and renews a cells, after which a face becomes smooth and gentle. Together, these components are aligned face texture and restore a healthy glow.

Permanent multivitamin serum Eclat du Jour by Clarins with trace items designed to faded leather with a weak tone.

The serum is suitable for all skin types: it moisturizes, tones, hides wrinkles and returns vitality. Skin after applying this fluid energizing and looks healthy and good - at a age.

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