Eye Upkeep. As to treat eye


When men talk about the size of a nice, first of all pay striving to a skin eyes. In many ways, a great of the eye is determined not alone by the purity and brilliance, but as well the state of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelash density and length and contour of a eyebrows. However, a eyes - is extremely sensitive and vulnerable aging body, they need special leaving and forever rest, specifically following a firmly work...

Eye color and character. Determining the nature of the color of the eyes

How to determine a character of a person by the color of the eye? It turns out that just by looking into a eyes, It is possible to learn a lot approximately him. Thus, owners of green skin eyes usually stubborn, persistent, principled. And the owners of blue skin eyes romantic and dreamy, vulnerable and sensitive. Gray-eyed people are workers. Interesting, is not it?...

Refractive surgery: laser vision correction. Advantages of a way

Now, one of a newest designs of refractive laser surgery is a laser vision correction - most gentle technique to surgical correction. Using laser treatment to have rid of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. Laser vision correction may be done in 2 ways...

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